Most Photogenic Spots on Catalina Island

Catalina Island, a rocky island off the coast of Southern California, is one of the Channel Islands of the state. Its main city, Avalon, is a romantic seaside and lively town. Easily reachable by ferry, from a few select ports on the California coast, this island is a very popular and relaxing get away destination. Throughout the beautiful island, there are tons of amazing photoworthy and photogenic spots. In this post, I’ll be writing about five of those that are perfect for a photoshoot!

3 Palms Scenic Outlook 

Pacific Ocean; Avalon; looking south

Located on the basic golf cart ride route through the island, on Wrigley road, this look out spot is just east of Lover’s Cove. From its perfect mountain top location, it offers stunning views of Avalon Bay, Avalon, and the surrounding scenery of the main part of the island. The views from the top are almost magical, and are sure to take away your breath.  

Catalina Casino 

the casino; me; entrance gates

The main focal point of the island for nearly a century, Catalina Casino was originally built in 1929. It has a beautiful exterior, with a uniquely designed facade perfect for a photoshoot background. Embellished with beautiful mosaics, the entrance to the casino in particular is super pretty. The farther away entrance gates to the casino area are also nice spots to stop for pics, with pretty ocean views and more nice mosaics. However, posing pretty much anywhere in front of the casino will give you great photos, as it looks good from almost every angle.  

Crescent Avenue 

me; the street; shops

Crescent Avenue, the main street of Avalon, is home to all the best restaurants and shops in the town. Its name comes from the crescent shape of the bay, with it lies right beside. Each building on this street  is painted in its own pretty colour and has its own unique exterior, making for perfect photo backgrounds. The pedestrian only area of the street is also a great place to stop for some pics, as there aren’t any dangers involved in your shoot as there won’t be any cars getting in the way! 

Green Pleasure Pier 

green pier; me; beach

The anchor to the town, Green Pleasure Pier juts out from Avalon into the pier. Its unique green colour makes it pretty hard to miss! A few small restaurants and shops can be found down the pier, as well as some pretty benches heading down to its end. The benches in particular are a nice spot to stop for a picture, with their design making for the perfect frame, and the mountains and buildings behind making for a beautiful backdrop. There are definitely many more hidden photo worthy spots down the pier, which you’ll just have to find for yourself while exploring. 

Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden 

mosaics; me; memorial views

Just up Avalon Canyon from the town centre you’ll find Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden, a great place to walk around and explore. This memorial and garden honours William Wrigley Jr., who put Catalina on the map (figuratively, not literally). Walking up the actual memorial proves very worthwhile, as there are amazing views of the ocean and town down the canyon. Around the main memorial you’ll also find more stunning mosaic, which makes for perfect photo backdrops. Basically the whole area in general is very photogenic, and you’re sure to find dozens of spots you’ll want to take photo in throughout the garden! 

That’s all for my post today, hope you enjoyed. Sorry for a bit of absence on here recently, I’m back for now and will be posting every other week from now on! 

Thanks for reading.  

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  1. PW
    January 20, 2019

    Beautiful photos, Hannah. I like Catalina Island because it’s small and you can explore by foot if you like. When I was there, I saw a wedding by the water. 🙂

  2. alina
    January 20, 2019

    this is an amazing post!!! rly enjoyed reading very interesting and informative

  3. jean cluroe
    January 20, 2019

    Beautiful photos Hannah and well written blog njw

  4. Lorelei
    January 21, 2019

    Awesome photos! My favourite is probably from Green Pleasure Pier, it looks very beautiful.


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