The Perfect Day in Salzburg: A One Day Itinerary

From Mozart to the ‘Sound of Music’, Salzburg is famous for many reasons. The city’s dozens of Baroque churches, stunning Hohensalzburg Castle, and picturesque Mirabell Palace & Gardens define the city’s architecture and reputation. Back in December, I spent a quick day in Salzburg, meaning I had to budget my time in the city well to make sure I was able to visit all of its top sights. Luckily, I was able to do so, and I got to see all places that I wanted to in the city. In case any of you are in the same position, in this post I’ll be giving you an ultimate one day itinerary to Salzburg, hopefully allowing you to have the perfect day in Salzburg!

9AM – Hohensalzburg Fortress

Start off your perfect day in Salzburg by visiting Salzburg’s most famous landmark – its Hohensalzburg Fortress! This iconic castle, one of the most well preserved castles in all of Europe, overlooks the city from atop the Fetungsberg. Funiculars take visitors up to the almost century old castle, where they’re met with breathtaking views of Salzburg and its surroundings. The castle’s courtyard is very picturesque and charming, and is basically a mini town in itself. Throughout Hohensalzburg’s interior, visitors will also find many museums, exhibits, and even some of the castles historic royal rooms. I allotted three hours of time towards exploring Hohensalzburg in this itinerary; it does sound like a lot but once you get to the castle you’ll definitely see why you’ll need so much time dedicated towards the fortress!

(10 min walk)

12PM – Salzburg Cathedral

A short walk away from the castle you’ll find likely Salzburg’s oldest church, the Salzburg Cathedral! This, of course, Baroque style church is famous for being the church where Mozart was baptized (the baptismal front from Mozart’s baptism still stands in the cathedral). Whether you’re religious or not, the Salzburg Cathedral is definitely worth at least a quick visit due to its beauty and history.

(5 min walk)

12:30PM – Getreidegasse

The heart of Salzburg’s Old Town, Getreidegasse, is very popular with tourists and locals alike. The street is lined with souvenir shops, clothing boutiques, historic museums, and many other interesting buildings. Throughout the street you’ll find many picture-perfect and charming buildings, making it a great place for a cute photoshoot! Spend an hour or so touring this well known avenue, and stop somewhere for lunch while you’re at it.

1:30PM – Mozart’s Birthplace / Geburtshaus

Mozart’s Geburthaus, or birthplace, is probably Salzburg’s most famous house and museum. It is located at No. 9 Getreidegasse, and is the house where Mozart was born and grew up. Him and his family lived on the third floor of this small home for close to thirty years, from 1747 to 1773, and since 1880 the home has been a museum. Even if you aren’t a fan of Mozart, piano, classical music, or anything of the sort, Mozart’s Geburtshaus is definitely still worth a visit due to its history and importance.

(10 min walk)

2:45PM – Mirabell Palace & Gardens

Head across the Salzach river towards another one of Salzburg’s most famous landmarks, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. Mirabell Palace was built in 1606 by one of Salzburg’s former archibishops, and the gardens encompassing it were later built in 1687 by another archbishop. The gardens are a geometric, Baroque style architecture, and focus around Hohensalzburg and the nearby cathedral. As they can be seen in the Sound of Music’s famous “Do Re Mi” scene, the gardens are forever famed and visited by many. Even though it was freezing, snowing, and raining all at the same time when I visited them, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens were definitely one of my favourite spots I visited in Salzburg and I’m sure any visitors would feel the same way after seeing them for themselves!

(5 min walk)

3:30PM – Mozart Residence / Wohnhaus

Not too far from Mirabell Gardens at 8 Markartplatz you’ll find your second Mozart related stop of the day, Mozart and his family’s second Salzburg home. This house, nicknamed the “Dance Master’s House” due to the dance lessons that took place there in the early 1700s, is the second Mozart museum in Salzburg. It’s similar to Mozart’s Geburtshaus, though not quite as famous and well known. Spend some time learning even more about Mozart by exploring him and his family’s Wohnhaus, where they lived from 1773 to 1787.

(5 min walk)

5PM – Linzergasse

Linzergasse is another one of Salzburg’s main pedestrian streets. Like Getreidegasse, it is lined with many boutiques, restaurants, cafes and hotels, and is very picturesque and pretty. Many famous people have resided in homes on this street, making it a well known road. End your perfect day in Salzburg with a dinner at one of the street’s many varying restaurants, and check out some of the stores that line the road.

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The Perfect Day In Salzburg: A One Day Itinerary

That’s all for my one day itinerary to Salzburg, concluding my Salzburg series on my blog! My next couple of posts will be about my recent trip to Toronto, and after that I’ll be back to writing about my winter break trip (next city is Hallstatt, then Vienna!).  Also, today I also uploaded a travel diary of Salzburg to youtube, which if you’d can watch here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. IC
    March 25, 2018

    Salzburg looks beautiful, even when it’s cold!

    You created the perfect day as usual!

    1. Hannah Travels
      March 25, 2018

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Jean
    March 25, 2018

    Another great blog and very informative photo’s were beautiful N J W

    1. Hannah Travels
      March 26, 2018

      Thank you Nana!

  3. PW
    March 30, 2018

    Beautiful photos and lots of information. The Mirabell Gardens were nice in winter, but I bet it is spectacular in summer. I wished I had a chance to visit the salt mines there. Maybe next time!

    1. Hannah Travels
      March 31, 2018

      Thanks 🙂 Me too, I’ll have to visit again!


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