The Perfect Day in Prague: A One Day Itinerary

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of Europe’s most visited cities. From its rocky yet rich history to its hundreds of handsome buildings, there are many reasons (some obvious, some less well known) that nearly fifteen million people travel to Prague each year. The city’s Prague Castle pulls history lovers, its Charles Bridge captivates in photographers, its Old Town Square attracts explorers, and finally its Dancing House draws in architecture enthusiasts. With so many iconic and interesting attractions to see throughout the city, it can be hard to plan out how to spend your time there well. So, to help any of you who only have a quick day to spend in Prague, in this post I’ll be giving you the ultimate one day itinerary to the Golden City.

9AM – Prague Castle

Start off your day in Prague by visiting its most famous attraction, Prague Castle! Officially the largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle is a huge castle complex made up of many churches, cathedrals, and gardens that overlook the city from the left bank of the Vltava. Its history dates back over a millinneum, with its beginnings as far back as the ninth century. St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the Czech Republic, is located fully within the castle. It is the main pull for most visitors, famous for its breathtaking stained glass windows and royal tombs. Also located within the castle are the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and Golden Lane. Spend a few hours at this captivating castle complex, exploring and seeing as much of it as you can in the time you have there. For more info on the castle and everything it has to offer, read my entire blog post about it through this link.

(15 min walk)

1PM – Charles Bridge

Serving as the only way to cross the Vltava River until the mid 1800s, you’ll find Prague’s iconic Charles Bridge a quick fifteen minute walk away from Prague Castle. This bridge was constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries, and is one of the most photographed and photogenic spots in the city (for obvious reasons!). Three towers guard it, two on the Lesser Quarter side and one on the Old Town side; and dozens of statues and monuments line the sides of the bridge. Devote your next half hour or so to walking across the bridge, admiring the beautiful views of Prague it has, and photographing all the pretty scenes you’ll pass by.

(12 min walk)

1:30PM – Old Town Square

After some time at the Charles Bridge head to another one of the city’s main sites – Old Town Square. This spot is arguably the most lively part of Prague, with thousands of locals as well as tourists passing through it everyday. Surrounded by St. Nicholas Church, the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Old Town Hall, and around a dozen bright Gothic style homes, it is also very picturesque. Its astronomical clock specifically, located on the Old Town Hall, makes it famous, as it is the oldest astronomical clock still in operation on the world. Spend some time here relaxing, exploring, people watching, taking some photos, and if you didn’t have time for it earlier, make sure to stop somewhere there for a quick lunch.

(5 min walk)

2:30PM – Jewish Museum

As I personally think Prague’s Jewish Museum is one of the the city’s best museums, I allotted the next couple of hours in this itinerary towards exploring this museum. Consisting of six sites throughout Prague’s Former Jewish Ghetto / Old Jewish Town, it was established over a century ago. Its main pull is its Old Jewish Cemetery, a burial area home to over 12,000 tombstone that was named one of the top ten cemeteries to visit in the world by National Geographic. The museum’s other sites though, specifically its stunning synagogues, are sure to pull you in and grab your interest during your time in the neighbourhood. Again, for more info on this museum, click this link to read my blog post all about it.

(15 min walk)

4:30PM – Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is one of the most important sites in Prague: It is historically defined by the critical historic events that occurred there, from the iconic Velvet Revolution protests of the 80s to the horrific Nazi demonstrations of the 40s, and architecturally defined by its Czech National Museum and the many modern shops and restaurants lining its sides. Spend your time in this square reflecting on the iconic events of its past as well as admiring the beauty of its current state!

(15 min walk)

5:30PM – Municipal House

Since most of your day so far has been spent on your feet and walking around, the next stop on this itinerary is Prague’s Municipal House… to see a concert! Located in Republic Square, the Municipal House is home to Smetana Hall, one of the Czech Republic’s most celebrated concert halls (if not the most) where the Czech National Symphony Orchestra is based. They perform at the famous hall quite often, making for great concerts to see while in Prague. I got to see them perform on New Year’s Day this year, and it was easily one of my favourite things I did while in Prague (check out my youtube video about it here). Therefore, if you’re able to, definitely try and get tickets to a concert at Smetana Hall, and if you’re not, at least make sure to pay the Municipal House a visit.

(15 min drive)

7:30PM – Petřín Lookout Tower

To end off your perfect day in Prague, jump in a taxi or onto a subway to head to one of the highest spots in the city, Petřín Lookout Tower. With a similar architectural style to Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Petřín Tower is visible throughout Prague and is one of its most recognizable attractions. Climb up the 299 steps to the top of the tower for breathtaking views of the city and its brilliant spire-filled skyline. By the way – the photos above weren’t taken from Petřín Tower (unfortunately I never actually got to go up the tower), they were taken from a lookout area in Malá Strana! The views from the tower are probably very similar though, if not even better.

Spending more than a day in Prague? Check out some of my other posts on the city for some more ideas on what to do with your other days in the city.

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That’s all for my one day Prague itinerary, and the ending to my Prague series here on my blog. I really enjoyed writing about this city, and I hope you in turn enjoyed reading about it. Next up I’ll be writing about Berlin, the final city that my family and I visited on our trip last winter.

Thanks for reading!

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      The Dancing House! It is pretty crazy looking but its also really interesting!


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