A Guide to Sedona’s Red Rocks

Sedona, just two hours from both Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, is a small Arizona town known for its breathtaking red rock formations. Considered one of the prettiest places in the US, all throughout the town you’ll find scenic backdrops and shots. As some of the formations in the town are considered to be vortexes, or energy centres that are said to aid in healing, Sedona is overall considered a very sacred and powerful place. From Snoopy Rock to Airport Mesa, there are tons of amazing formations to be seen throughout Sedona, which I will be writing all about in this post!

Airport Mesa

With 360 views at nearly 1400 metres, Airport Mesa is considered one of Sedona’s best hikes. Airport Mesa isn’t literally an airport – just a hiking area named airport due to its proximity to the Sedona Airport. It is one of the four main vortex spots in Sedona, specifically an up flow vortex said to raise your mood. With huge drop offs, the trail is pretty scary, but very rewarding with the view at the top. I’ve never actually got the chance to visit Airport Mesa, but while researching for this post I heard a lot of good things about it, so I thought it was worth including.

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Bell Rock

One of the first rocks seen when entering Sedona from the south, Bell Rock evidently resembles a bell. It is another one of the four vortexes in Sedona, said to hold a power vortex. Trails nearby Bell Rock include Bell Rock Pathway and Trail, which end up connecting and both have great views around Sedona.

Cathedral Rock

Another main vortex rock is Cathedral Rock, definitely one of the most famous rocks in Sedona. It is located within the Coconino National Forest, and is about 1500 metres tall. With its beautiful spires and stunning views of the nearby Chapel of the Holy Cross, it’s no wonder this spot is so popular with visitors.

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Chimney Rock

Made of three spires that together appear as a chimney, this rock is a very recognizable one. Located in West Sedona, a 6km hike can bring you closer to its spires.

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Coffee Pot Rock

Coffee Pot Rock, part of the thunder mountains, can be made out as a large coffee pot. Overlooking West Sedona, the trail up this rock brings hikers to the “spout” of the rock.

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Courthouse Butte

Likely the first red rock you post while driving into Sedona from the south is Courthouse Butte. This small hill has a trail up it called courthouse butte loop, and is about 7km long and 2 hours total.

Snoopy Rock

One of the most well known and recognizable rocks in Sedona, is Snoopy Rock, resembling a lying-down Snoopy.

Two Nuns Rocks

Located east or right of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Two Nuns Rocks are very visible from the chapel. These two side-by-side rocks look like two nuns, hence their nickname.

That’s all for my post today, I hope you enjoyed! Look out for more Sedona posts coming on my blog soon – my family and I visited over the long weekend last Sunday and I thought it’d be fun to write a bit about our trip and time there.

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