Day Trip to Mont-Tremblant

Located in the Lautentian Mountains of Quebec, the village of Mont-Tremblant is practically a winter wonderland. With fresh snow covering the European style buildings and cobblestone streets, almost everyday for at least three months of the year, it’s pretty much a scene out of a fairytale. The city is home to two main urban centres, one within its world famous ski resort and another in the neighbourhood of Saint-Jovite. During my trip to Montreal over winter break, my parents and I went on a quick half a day trip up to Mont-Tremblant. In this post I’ll be writing about my short time there! 

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Mont-Tremblant is 130km northwest from Montreal, and 140km northeast from Ottawa. A quick one and a half hour drive up from Quebec’s capital and you’ll find yourself in the famous town! The drive is very scenic, as you pass by stunning mountains and scenery on your way up. 

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During our time in Mont-Tremblant, my family and I only spent time in the city’s Saint-Jovite neighbourhood. This area is where the town originated from, that has since grown into the place considered downtown. With its century long history, charming buildings, and lively feel, it is an instant hit with most visitors. 

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The main street of this neighbourhood is the Rue de Saint Jovite, literally translating to Saint Jovite Street. Lined with tons of inviting, bright, and colourful buildings, each has its own unique interior and purpose. Just walking down the street without a purpose is fun in itself, since you can admire all of the cute buildings and take a quick look in some of the interesting ones to keep warm if you’re visiting during the colder months. 

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The most recognizable landmark in this neighbourhood is definitely the Paroisse Saint-Jovite, a small and lovely Catholic church. Located in the middle of the main street, it is definitely somewhere you should stop by while in the district. 

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Since we visited in the beginning of January, the entire town was covered with snow. The small park in front of the church in particular, Parc Jasey-Jay-Anderson, was completely full of freshly fallen snow, making for a stunning photo backdrop.  

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Just across from the church you’ll find a small ice rink, obviously only there in the wintertime. While playing around on the rink, I noticed that the music came on as soon as you walked onto the ice, making the small rink even more cute and delightful than it was from afar. 

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As for food, there are some very nice restaurants down the main street. We stopped at the Restaurant Mille Pâtes for lunch, a small and cozy Italian restaurant. Most of their menu is different kinds of pasta, all for very reasonable prices. Both the exterior and interior of this destination are very pretty, with a comfortable inside and a decorated facade.  

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Since we didn’t have much time to spend in Mont-Tremblant, that was the only area we got to visit while there. However, there’s much more to the city than just the downtown/centre-ville area. The Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort is the most famous spot in the city, the largest and most advanced ski terrain in Eastern North America. Not only is it a skiing area, its also home to a small and charming pedestrian village, very similar to the Saint-Jovite area. Hopefully one day I can come back to Mont-Tremblant and see this area for myself! 

That’s all for this post. I hope you enjoyed. 

Thank you for reading! 

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