Best Summer Travel Destinations

Unsurprisingly, summer is without a doubt the most popular time of the year to travel for almost everyone. From the (generally) good weather to long breaks, there are many reasons why most people plan their trips during the summertime! Choosing a destination for summer trips though can be quite difficult, as you must consider weather, activities, and busyness of any potential place you’d like to visit. So, to help you all out with choosing your perfect summer destination, in this post I’ll be listing seven spots throughout the world that I think would make for the perfect summer getaway.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

From its dozens of canals to its hundreds of unique homes, Amsterdam is easily one of Europe’s most charming cities. One could spend weeks getting to fully experience everything in the capital; from its heartbreaking Anne Frank House to its elaborate Rijks Museum, you could simply spend weeks just exploring the city’s museums! Summer is a great time to visit Amsterdam, seeing as it is the least rainy season in the country (and the Netherlands is known for its rain!). Unfortunately though, like pretty much every other place in Europe, summer is the high season for tourists in the city. I visited Amsterdam in late June 2016, and though there were a lot of other fellow tourists, it was much less crowded and busy than other major European cities. Therefore, the perks of visiting in summer being the best annual weather, and its only con being the tourists, I’d definitely recommend travelling to Amsterdam in the summertime.

Avignon, France

A hidden gem of a town in southeastern France, Avignon is one of the nicest summer spots in its country. Though again Avignon’s high season with visitors is summer, its much more laid-back and less busy than the nearby Toulouse or Marseille. This town, located in the heart of France’s famous Provence province, Avignon is packed with rich history, stunning landmarks, beautiful art, and hundreds of photo worthy scenes. Two of its most well known attractions include its  Palais du Papes, one of Europe’s most impressive Gothic palaces; and the Pont d’ Avignon, a beautiful bridge that once spanned the entirety of the town’s river but today only spans about half. During my trip throughout France and Switzerland in July and August of 2012 I spent a few days in Avignon, and despite me being very young when I visited, I still remember it being one of the nicest places I’ve ever been!

Bath, England

In 2016, on a overnight trip from my family’s area of England, I visited now one of my favourite cities in the UK – Bath! Set in the southwestern countryside of England, Bath is a picturesque and delightful town in the famous Somerset region. Bath stone, a material obtained from the surroundings of Bath, can be spotted used in almost every building in the small city. The main attraction in Bath is the authentic Roman Baths, created from the natural hot springs in the town by Romans thousands of years ago. Virtually every corner in the town is worth photographing, a main reason why many people visit. During my time there I found that it wasn’t too full or overpacked with tourists at all, I actually remember it being quite calm and not too busy – so it makes for a perfect place to check out during your summer holidays!

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, the second biggest city in Switzerland, is basically a fairytale location. It is home to very photogenic scenery and streets, lying at the southern end of Lake Geneva surrounded by the Alps and Juras. It is amazing in the summer; I visited in the summer of 2012, the same trip I visited Avignon on, and it was great. The weather was perfect, and as expected, there were quite a lot of tourists there, though much less than in the nearby Lyon or Zürich.

Leipzig, Germany

Controversially nicknamed the “New Berlin”, Leipzig is the fastest growing city in Germany and the largest city in Saxony. Leipzig is a city of art and culture; from its Altes Rathaus to its St. Nicholas Church, the city is home to dozens of architecturally beautiful buildings. Like most German cities in the summer, the weather there is very enjoyable and comfortable. I’ve only visited Leipzig once, in winter (and for barely an hour at that!), but from what I’ve heard it isn’t too busy, making it a great summer destination!

San Francisco, USA

Between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific ocean is the hilly city of San Francisco, California. Its well known sites include the ever-so-famous Golden Gate Bridge, intriguing Alcatraz Island, photogenic Painted Ladies, and smelly but cute sea lions at Fisherman’s Bay. I’m actually originally from San Francisco, as I was born in the Bay area, however I’ve never actually visited in the summer. From everyone I know that has though, I’ve heard it’s amazing, and that you should definitely check it out in the summer months.

Vienna, Austria

The capital of Austria, Vienna is definitely one of Europe’s most charming cities. From Schönbrunn to Hofburg, St. Peter’s to St. Stephens, and Strauss to Beethoven, this city is iconic for many reasons. With even just a short visit to the city, you’re sure to fall in love and never want to leave! I spent a couple days in Vienna back in December, so I can’t exactly tell you what it’s like in the summer. From what I’ve read though the weather is great, and sadly there are pretty big crowds – though the beauty of the city will definitely overtake its busyness!

That’s all for my post today! I hope you enjoyed the start of this new series on my blog – I’ll be posting one of these kinds of posts each season. Also, if you’ve been keeping up with my travelling this summer, you’d know I was in Toronto for the past few weeks. Sadly I’m back in Phoenix now, though I had a great time with my family and friends in Canada. Stay tuned for a couple more Toronto blog posts as well as a few more Berlin posts until I’m finally done writing about my trip this past winter! Have you visited any of these cities, either in summer or in another season? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Sarah Wiley
    July 18, 2018

    Great destinations. I love Amsterdam in the summer, I’m not a fan of the heat and the weather there is awesome for me.

    1. Hannah Travels
      July 18, 2018

      Thank you! Amsterdam in the summer is great 🙂


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