San Francisco MOMA

Hello! In today’s post, I am going to be writing about the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. During my trip to San Francisco, my family and I visited the city’s famous MOMA. The museum recently underwent a huge renovation, and it was closed for three years, just re-opening under a year ago. The San Francisco MOMA is now the largest Modern art museum in the States, and it is one of the most famous museums in the city. I hadn’t planned to do an entire post on the museum, but I was so pleasantly surprised by it that I thought it deserved an entire article. 

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Neighbourhood Guide: San Francisco’s Chinatown

Hi everyone. Today I am starting a new series on my blog, where I tour you through different neighbourhoods around the world. The first neighbourhood in this series is San Francisco’s Chinatown! As I am part-Chinese, I was very excited to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown, also known as the biggest Chinatown outside of Asia. I have never been to China myself (although I will definitely visit in the future), but I can assure you that this is the closest experience you will get to real China outside of the country. Enough said, let’s begin this post!

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Where To Eat In San Francisco

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to visit San Francisco for a long weekend. San Francisco is known as a food capital of the world, and after visiting I can confirm that this is true!  All of the choices can be quite overwhelming to some visitors, so today in this post I will be guiding you through some of my favourite restaurants in the city.

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Metropolis Review

Hello! In this post I am going to be expanding my series where I review travel books. Today’s book is “Metropolis” by Benoit Tardif!  Metropolis is a beautiful travel book full of illustrations of over thirty world capitals, ranging from Toronto to Bangkok.Continue reading